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Virtual Postman (VP) bridges the gap between your ERP and your business environment. The software application collects, indexes, links and work-flows all related business communications and documents. This automation saves time, saves resources, reduces queries, reduces risk, reduces lost revenue, improves cash flow, manages task queues and optimises business cycles. The application can be divided into 3 modules. Archive provides communication and document storage and indexing. Search and retrieve is done via a browser interface. Collate streamlines the Accounts Receivable (order2cash) business process. Match automates the Accounts Payable (purchase2pay) business process.

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Electronic Document and Communication Archive

Virtual Postman Archive is the heart of the cloud based enterprise content management application. This module is responsible for document storage and indexing. VP Archive has the ability to scan in documents, create documents from related pages, import files, import email's, process email attachments and auto index documents on a bar-code or document content. AI-index records human capture behaviour and auto indexes similar documents. VP Archive also provides the user interface that controls access to documents and communications via nodes, indexes, roles and permissions. Documents can easily be found by searching on user defined indexes. Groups of documents can be auto-distributed via a multi channel envelope based distribution system. Task queues ensure that work is completed e.g. Order capture. Reporting ensures you know where processing is lagging. VP Archive is extendable through its plug-in and web service architecture. This facilitates interfacing into your ERP. Extracted indexes can also be interfaced eliminating the need for manual capture. Secure links to source documentation can be added to your ERP providing quick access to your documents where and when you need them. VP also knows about which documents it should have and so it pro-actively manages your document collection. VP Archive manages a businesses out bound and in bound document and communication flow.

  • Cloud based – Access documents from anywhere in the world
  • Easy document indexing – only do the work a computer can't do
  • User definable menus and indexes – Store any type of document
  • Task scheduling – Ensure all tasks are managed and reported on
  • Feature rich scan client – use in production scanning environment
  • Complex document grouping based on patterns – no more manual page grouping
  • Document distribution – auto or ad-hoc document delivery based on any index
  • Document Auto Index – automated index extraction based on AI learning
  • Automatic task allocation – uniform work distribution
  • Improvement in cash flow
  • Reduction in queries
  • Huge savings in administration and audit costs
  • No more un-invoiced deliveries
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Limit risk en-counted by using postal service

Document Collation and Delivery

Virtual Postman Collate manages all the documents required to complete the order2cash business process. This is done in the most efficient and effective way. Orders are archived first and captured on the ERP. This ensures you always have a document audit trail. Order fulfillment takes place. Once goods are delivered or services are rendered the proof of service or delivery note and supporting documents are scanned in to VP via a cloud deployed scan client. Supporting documents can also be emailed in to a designated email box. VP will auto index the delivery note by reading a bar-code or performing OCR and looking for a pattern. VP monitors the ERP and as soon as a new invoice is posted the document is imported and encrypted to legal tender standards. Based on a document delivery profile the documents are routed via a multi-channel delivery engine. Documents can be sent via email, ftp, fax, web service, USB or print. Statements are also archived and delivered. Hyper-links to supporting documentation are added to the statements and invoices ensuring quick viewing of related documents. An ordered, collated document bundle can be created at any time and re-delivered via email or saved to USB. Clients can log in at any time to view and retrieve their documents.

  • Document security – Ensure all documents are saved in a fire proof secure environment
  • Document collation, linking all documents required for payment in one email - Ensures you retain clients and get paid first
  • Hyper-linked documents reduce debtors queries, customers can just click on the links to view supporting documentation
  • Speedy document indexing and capture by bar-code or template indexing
  • SARS compliant invoices – Legal electronic documents - eliminates the need to print an invoice
  • Quick access to all documents from statement to invoice to delivery note to order - eliminates manual document searching
  • Direct integration into transporters – ensures KPI's are met and only complete deliveries are paid for
  • Optional password protection on documents – additional view security on email'd documents
  • Central order control ensures no lost or un-captured orders – its too easy to delete or miss email'd orders in a personal mailbox
  • Paperless office environment, no postage cost, no printing cost, no collation cost, no physical storage cost
  • Reporting on employee activity
  • Exception reporting on missing backing documents
  • Exception reporting on un-invoiced deliveries
  • “Pay Now” button on invoice ensures snappy payments
  • “Query Now” button on invoice ensures quick resolution of invoice issues

Document Capture and Match

Virtual Postman Match archives, indexes and matches all documents required to complete the purchase2pay business cycle. The payment process could start with a purchase order, supplier invoice or statement. VP Match is designed to accommodate any scenario. If the procurement process starts with a purchase order the PO document can be created on VP Match or it could be imported from your ERP. An approval workflow can be followed before the PO is released to the appropriate supplier. A supplier invoice or statement can also initiate a payment cycle. VP pro-actively collects the supplier invoice, proof of service or GRV depending on a predefined supplier payment approval paradigm. Supplier emails are archived and attachments are auto removed. VP Document Auto Index uses AI to ensure the least amount of manual indexing is required by the creditors clerks. Direct data extraction ensures speedy and accurate invoice meta-data capture. Matching further verifies invoice and GRV totals are correct. Many to many mapping ensures support for multiple PO's mapped to multiple invoices. UN-matched invoices give rise to the VP claims workflow. This ensures you don't pay for what you have not ordered or received. Upon approval the ERP is updated with invoice and credit note meta-data. The VP Match application ensures that all documents are indexed and approved in the correct sequence before payment is made.

  • Massive reduction in invoice capture time
  • Direct electronic storage of supplier invoices
  • Reduction in fraud and audit costs
  • Improved document capture accuracy
  • Auto collection of supplier documentation
  • Create claims and collect credit notes
  • Ensure GRVS are processed
  • Create missing documents and missing transaction alerts with links to initiating documents
  • Provide an audit trail of where supplier documents came from thus reducing the possibility of fraud
  • Eliminate manual capture of invoice data e.g. Date, Invoice Number etc.
  • Throw exceptions when invalid suppliers, duplicate invoice numbers and incorrect totals occur
  • Provide links to supplier documents inside your ERP
  • Reduce audit costs as source documents are a click away
  • Email archiving eliminates the scanning of supplier documents
  • Speed up payment of suppliers
  • Split the supplier document capture process from the payment process
  • Provide BI on non performing areas of your businesses and suppliers
  • Provide BI on your business liability and missing credit notes
  • Place the document flow process in the correct order, i.e. no payment before all documents captured and reconciled
  • Eliminate post-payment document capture
work Download the Virtual Postman  software

Click on the links below to download a trial version of Virtual Postman Enterprise Content Management Application

Software Requirements

  •  Linux or
  •  Windows or
  •  AIX
  •  Java

Hardware Requirements

  •  Application: 200 Megabytes
  •  Images: +/- 50Kilobytes/file
  •  Ram: 1 Gig
  •  CPU: 1 Core
work Log on to the Virtual Postman  demo instance

Click on the links below to login to Virtual Postman Enterprise Content Management Application

Login Details

  •  Login Username: demo
  •  Password: demo


  •  Use the demo login username and password to login
  •  The scan client requires the Java runtime to be installed
  •  Browse to Accounts Receivables Statement node
  •  Click view to see an electronic collated statement

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

Is the software hosted or an on premise installation?

Either, we have two servers at a tier 1 for hosted which get backed up or you can install it on site if you have the network infrastructure.

If on premise, what server specs are required?

A basic server is required Intel dual core, 8 Gigs ram, sas drives for OS, sata for images

How much disk space does it require?

1 terabyte will allow you to scan in 1000 pages/day for 30 years.

How much band with does it require?

1000 pages/ day will require about 6 gigs/month

Are the documents SARS compliant?

Yes, Virtual Postman will assist you in ensuring your company meets all the requirements.

Does the software support OCR?

Yes we can add a plugin for OCR but we prefer to use bar-codes as they are 99% accurate and OCR is about 90% accurate

Can your read dot matrix bar-codes


What database does it use?

Postgres Enterprise SQL database server

What is it developed in?

Virtual Postman is a J2EE web application developed in Java and deployed in the Apache tomcat environment

How long have you been in business?

Since 2000

Who is you biggest client?

Sanlam, Hollard, Fedex, Value Logistics. In total Virtual Postman software archives around 800 000 documents per day

What OS does VP run on?

Linux, AIX or Windows

How is the software backed up?

If it installed on a Linux plat form, we have scripts that can sync the software and data every minute on windows you would use your standard backup utility e.g. backup exec

How much does it cost?

Please ask us for a quote, you will need to tell us how many documents you want to archive per month and how many users will be accessing documents.

How do the clients get their documents?

Each account code gets a delivery profile. This is updated by Virtual Postman Report Services.

What other documents can you archive?

Emails, Faxes, Scans, Ftp, Pdf using pdf index tool

What reports do you have?

Scan station statistics, Document import statistics, Missing documents, Un-indexed documents, Failed delivery

Does the software have work flow?

Yes, virtual postman has a plugin architecture and workflows can be linked to an archive event.

What batch types do you support?

Split an blank, split on bar-code, split on line in page, single page mode, batch mode. Documents can also be manually assigned to a specific batch.

Will it work with my scanners?

Virtual Postman is twain compliant and so will work with 99.9% of scanners.

What scanner do you recommend?

We have had the best experience with the Fujitsu 6130Z, a little work horse that has a duty cycle of 3000 pages per day and can scan in 50 pages/min

What DPI do you scan in?

200-300, black and white mode

Will it work with my MFU?

Yes, you can scan to folder for Virtual Postman to pic up or scan to email for email archiving

work Virtual Postman  adds value to most industries

work Virtual Postman  integrates into any ERP